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Reports on surface technology industry events: trade fairs, conferences, seminars, training courses, congresses and other events.

Cleaning + Pretreatment

To ensure the quality of subsequent surface engineering processes, workpieces are cleaned and pretreated.

Mechanical processing

In mechanical processing, surfaces are finished by machine using various techniques such as polishing, brushing, grinding or blasting.


Paint as a coating material fulfills a variety of tasks, for example as an application for decorative purposes or as protection. In industrial surface technology, paint is most frequently sprayed or injected. Other processes such as dip coating, coil…



Surface coatings are used to protect objects, improve the feel or look, or achieve other effects through special surface structures.



Electroplating processes can be used to coat materials made of metal, but also ceramics or certain plastics.



Industrial plasma surface technology is a new and modern coating technology with a wide range of possible applications.

Trocknen und Härten

Drying + hardening

After coating, various processes are available for drying and hardening workpieces.


Corrosion Protection

Various corrosion protection technologies are used to prevent damage to components and materials. These include hot-dip galvanizing, which is widely used for metals, and electroplated or chemically produced metallic top coats.



State-of-the-art analysis methods are used to ensure the quality of surface-treated workpieces.

Plants and accessories

Technical articles from the fields of plant or conveyor technology, robotics, occupational safety or accessories related to surface technology and industrial production.


Special Topics

Technical articles from other areas of surface technology as well as related topics such as wastewater treatment, specialty chemicals, raw materials, additives, adhesives, lasers, lightweight construction and more.

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