Hahn + Kolb strengthens expert advice for personal protective equipment

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Hahn + Kolb Personal Protective Equipment
Hahn + Kolb strengthens its team of consultants in the field of occupational safety and personal protective equipment (Image: Hahn + Kolb)

Hahn + Kolb as a supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) supports customers with expert advice on their individual issues. The system supplier and tool service provider is not only expanding its team of expert advisors in the field of occupational safety.

For Hahn + Kolb, the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) particularly involves individual and expert advice. This is because product selection depends heavily on the respective work and the design of the workplace. In addition, the assessment of the respective hazards at the workplace requires a sound knowledge of the applicable legal regulations and standards. Due to the growing demand for advice, Hahn + Kolb is expanding its team of expert consultants who have received qualified training as occupational safety specialists or PPE consultants. Among other things, the training teaches the basics of how accidents and work-related illnesses occur and can be prevented, forward-looking hazard analysis and risk assessment, and the requirements for machines, equipment, manufacturing processes, and in-plant transport and traffic. "Consulting in the area of PPE requires well-trained employees who can identify risks and offer the best possible protective equipment for this purpose. That's why we continuously invest in the qualifications of our employees to maintain the health of our customers and prevent injuries of all kinds as best as possible," explains Tino Stadel, Head of Measuring, Testing Technology and PPE. The team of experts is available to help Hahn + Kolb's customers with all safety issues.

In order to meet the respective requirements and legal regulations across all industries, Hahn + Kolb offers an extensive product range in the area of personal protective equipment. This includes equipment in the areas of head protection, eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, protective gloves, work clothing, protective clothing, safety footwear, skin protection, first aid, welding protection and - new to the range - products for fall protection. In addition to safety harnesses and lanyards, Hahn + Kolb also offers first-hand service, such as harness testing and initial and follow-up instruction for users. The product range has also been expanded in the area of welding protection. Customers are also supported online in Hahn + Kolb's web store, for example in choosing the right hand and safety shoes.