Drying and hardening

After coating, for example with wet paint, various processes are available for drying and curing workpieces, such as hot air, UV and infrared radiation or microwave technology.

Infrarot Trocknen Beize Holz

Infrared heat dries stain on wood panels faster

Infrared radiation dries wood panels treated with water-based paint stain faster than other drying methods. Medium-wave infrared radiation is an optimal match for water-based coatings.

Excimer Technologie Oberflächen IST Metz

Excimer technology for matting, cleaning and sterilization

Excimer technology is used to mat, clean, sterilize and modify surfaces. In a new excimer laboratory facility, customer-specific tests can be carried out to determine optimal parameters.

Lacktrockner Wasserstoff BMW Leipzig Lackiererei

Fuel flexible burner for automotive paint dryer

In a pilot project, a fuel-flexible burner for a paint dryer was put into operation in the paint shop of an automotive plant. In addition to natural gas, green hydrogen can thus also be used as a fuel.

Infrarot-Systeme Energiesparen Metallverarbeitung

Intelligent infrared systems save energy during metal processing

The production of metal parts is very energy-intensive due to many heat processes. Infrared heat technology can, for example, help to use energy particularly efficiently in the hardening of the coating.

Dürr elektrische Trockner Lackieranlagen

Elektrische Trockner reduzieren CO2-Ausstoß

Die Elektrifizierung erdgasbeheizter Trockner kann die CO2-Emissionen von Lackieranlagen um bis zu 40 Prozent senken. Ein Anbieter hat daher alle Karosserietrockner in seinem Portfolio elektrifiziert.

Hotset Klebstoff Härten

Neue High-End-Lösung zum Härten von Klebstoff

Moderne Klebstoff-Technologie hält Einzug, wo bislang geschweißt wurde. High-End-Temperiersysteme spielen hierbei eine tragende Rolle, wie der Einsatz eines innovativen Mehrsegment-Heizspiegels beim robotergestützten Verkleben großer Karosserieteile…


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