Fast anodizing and chromating for CNC parts

A digital manufacturing service offers corrosion protection for additively manufactured CNC parts by anodizing and chromating, which takes only a few days. Capacities have been expanded accordingly for this rapid coating.

Protolabs, a leader in digital manufacturing, has further expanded its capabilities within CNC machining to accelerate the production of anodized and chrome-plated aluminum components. As a result of this expansion, it takes just six days from initial quote, through manufacturing and post-processing, to shipment, for order takers to receive CNC machined components.

Anodizing in a few days

"Anodizing CNC machined parts has proven to be a proven process in the past. However, the ability to produce these parts at such a rate is revolutionary," explains David Ewing, Product Manager CNC Machining at Protolabs. "When an engineer orders anodized or chrome plated parts from Protolabs, those parts can now be manufactured and eventually delivered in just a few days instead of a period of several weeks," Ewing continues.

Anodizing and other processes for corrosion protection

Anodizing and other surface treatment processes are used for corrosion protection, increased abrasion resistance and improved aesthetics. The individual coating options, prices as well as further options for CNC machining can be viewed directly and immediately when uploading a 3D CAD model file on the supplier's website.

The available materials include, for example, the aluminum alloys 6082-T651, 7075-T651 and 7075-T7351. Here, a total of three coating types are available for selection: Decorative with a coating thickness of up to 25 µm; hard anodizing with a coating thickness of up to 100 µm; and the chromating process - i.e. a particularly thin, electrically conductive coating by SurTec 650.

Range of rapid coating supplemented

Based on the CNC machining capabilities available to date, the additive manufacturing specialist has added the rapid coating range, including advanced anodizing and chromating capabilities, and makes them available with flexible delivery times. Customers with more complex parts and high demands, can also access the company's digital hub manufacturer network. "We are always looking for more ways to make supporting our customers even better. This year, with this commitment in mind, we have focused primarily on our various service areas, particularly in our machining service. With our unique manufacturing model that connects global manufacturers with digital factories, customers can access our comprehensive prototyping and production services," explains Björn Klaas, Vice President and General Manager of Protolabs Europe. (OM-08/23)


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