Plasmatreat offers test service for surface plasma pretreatment

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Plasmatreat Plasma pretreatment Surface test service
Plasma pre-treatment of surfaces can now be tested as a service at Plasmatreat (Image: Plasmatreat)

Plasma pre-treatment of surfaces creates better material bonds: Plasmatreat customers can now use a new "book-a-demo" service to find the right plasma surface treatment for their product or material combination.

Plasmatreat offers new plasma pretreatment test options for surfaces via its "book-a-demo" service. In discussions with the customer, the plasma experts work out the challenges and process parameters and use various tests to determine the perfect plasma parameters for the individual application. The effect of plasma is then tested in a live demonstration tailored to the customer using the material samples provided or similar samples and evaluated using various test methods. The experts explain the results of Openair-Plasma and PlasmaPlus in the respective application in a direct dialog. This takes place either on site in one of the Plasmatreat technology centers in Germany, USA, Canada, China or Japan as a live session, or alternatively via a web meeting. The "Book-a-demo" service can be easily booked online with precise details of the material, product and manufacturing process. Once the "book-a-demo" has produced successful results, the customer can start surface pretreatment with plasma in their production with a rental system or purchase an automated, inline-capable Plasma Treatment Unit (PTU), which is individually adjusted to the production process and parameters.

Plasmatreat provides comprehensive support - from the initial contact to the "book-a-demo" or rental system booking, construction, commissioning and after-sales service of the systems. The innovative systems from the world market leader in atmospheric plasma technology are inline-capable and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. The dry process enables direct further processing and thus supports highly efficient, fully automated processes. At the same time, the use of atmospheric pressure plasma is a significantly more environmentally friendly alternative to numerous conventional production processes. Plasmatreat's innovative open-air plasma and PlasmaPlus applications can be used to specifically change the surface properties of materials such as metal, plastic, glass or textiles. This significantly improves the resilient bonding of materials, for example as a pre-treatment for bonding, painting, printing or sealing.