New grinding wheels from Lach Diamant revolutionize creepfeed grinding

Created by OM Mechanical ProcessingLach Diamant
Lach Diamond Contour Profiled Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels
Newly developed diamond and CBN grinding wheels from Lach Diamant for previously unsolvable grinding tasks (Image: Lach Diamant)

A grinding wheel with a metal bond for creepfeed grinding - previously almost unimaginable. New bond variants developed by Lach Diamant are now available for the first time for profile grinding in deep grinding of carbide-hardened steels and ceramics in series production.

What was previously only possible in time-consuming, conventional grinding processes or with several diamond and CBN grinding wheels in elaborate work steps is now done by just one profile grinding wheel called "Contour-profiled": "One for all". With innovative metal bonding, contour grinding from the solid, previously not thought possible, is made possible - and this with profile depths of up to 15mm, such as with undercutting knives or profile knives - even with full infeed, there is no loss of tool life.

The result: repeatable profile cuts across series. The advantage is obvious and enables savings in overall costs many times over. The highly developed "Contour-profiled" grinding wheels can even be regrinded: For this purpose, Lach Diamant has developed a process that even produces high-precision concave and convex profiles of 2 to 4 µ. At the EMO trade fair, the Lach Diamant team will provide advice at the booth in Hall 4/Stand D48.