New assortment from Hahn + Kolb with 7200 novelties

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Hahn + Kolb novelties 2023
Hahn + Kolb presents its new 2023 range with 7200 innovations, including a hearing protection program (Image: Hahn + Kolb)

The tool and system supplier Hahn + Kolb presents its new 2023 range - with 7,200 new products and a total of over 120,000 articles. The new products brochure comprises 64 pages with highlight products from the areas of machining and clamping technology, measuring and testing, abrasives, hand tools, factory equipment and occupational safety.

With the new 2023 range, Hahn + Kolb is once again demonstrating its comprehensive product expertise: 2,100 new products alone comprise the range of the quality own brand Atorn with a total of 38,000 articles. They range from drilling, milling, turning, grinding and cutting-off tools as well as measuring equipment to workshop supplies, operating equipment and personal protective equipment. A new addition to this range is the Atorn hearing protection program with a wide selection of hearing protectors for safe working in environments exposed to different levels of noise - from disposable hearing protection plugs and reusable hearing protection plugs with cord to Atorn bracket or capsule hearing protectors. Circular and burr-free drilling, without spot drilling or centering, in all materials and with minimal effort - this is possible with the new Atorn Step Drill twist drill. This is made possible by its completely redesigned tip with a stepwise structure. Specially developed for hand drills, it is ideal for universal use by fitters, craftsmen and maintenance companies. With it, they can simply start drilling: The 3-face shank ensures optimum torque transmission and prevents spinning in the drill chuck.

Parallel to the continuous expansion of the product range, Hahn + Kolb is strengthening its personal expert advice - from tools to order processing and special requirements. This also includes concepts for more economical and efficient production, for gradual entry into digitalization or for automated tool management. The specialists at Hahn + Kolb provide individual advice, by telephone or on site, and make their expertise available in the areas of machining, measuring and testing technology, as well as operating equipment and occupational safety. As part of the Hahn + Kolb Academy, the tool dealer also offers practical training seminars for customers in its technology center in Ludwigsburg on all aspects of machining, hardness testing, measuring technology and cooling lubricants.