Kullen-Koti at EMO 2023 with technical brushes

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Kullen-Koti technical brushes EMO 2023
At EMO 2023, Kullen-Koti will show the range of its tool brushes for metallic surfaces (Image: Kullen-Koti)

Kullen-Koti's technical brush systems have been standard tools in the metal industry for many decades. At this year's EMO 2023 in Hanover, the manufacturer will once again be showing a representative cross-section of its current product range in Hall 11.

Once again this year, Kullen-Koti's EMO booth is likely to be the point of contact for numerous machine manufacturers and metalworkers, all of whom are concerned with one central question: Which brushes can be used to deburr, derust, polish, oil, clean, roughen, texture, transport or remove static from metal surfaces? At its booth E72 in exhibition hall 11, Kullen-Koti will use numerous exhibits to show how these various tasks - and many others - can be handled efficiently and economically with the properly designed technical brushes. The company's exhibition program this year therefore includes, for example, round, brush, cup and plate brushes, which are suitable for processing burrs and edges of different hardnesses and sizes, as well as for smoothing and finishing sheet metal, panels or plates.

Depending on the design, they are also an ideal solution for removing rust from oxidized components, and with the appropriate trim, circular brushes can also be used for polishing metallic surfaces. Also of great importance for metalworking are roller brushes, whose domain is the targeted roughening and structuring of surfaces, as well as plate brushes, which thanks to trimmings that are gentle on the material can be used excellently for conveying and transporting sensitive semi-finished products and sheet metal. Kullen-Koti will also be presenting a selection of special slat, strip and ostrich spring brushes at EMO, which can be used to remove dust particles and static charges from metal surfaces. This is highly relevant, for example, in the context of painting and coating processes. All the brush systems on show are suitable for automated use in machines or with robots, as well as for semi-automated use with powered hand tools. As a particularly innovative tool solution for the processing of metallic edges and surfaces, Kullen-Koti will be showing the brush systems of its Delta line at EMO. These high-performance brushes are currently offered in single-disc and brush form and are considered a premium tool for high-precision deburring, derusting, descaling, rounding, matting and cleaning of molded parts and components. What makes them special is that they consist of an elastic plastic compound interspersed with corrugated steel wire. Only the tips of the wire protrude minimally from the polymer body, forming a precisely defined effective area with a constant fill width. The Delta brushes are characterized by a high degree of machining aggressiveness combined with a long service life.