Apprentices can aim high at Lackwerke Peters

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Lackwerke Peters apprentices
The new Peters trainees are aiming high: training officer Birgit Schuffelen (2nd from left) and the trainees (from right): Philippe Heghmanns, Adelisa Sabovic, Malik Kurz (Image: Axel Küppers)

The new trainees at Lackwerke Peters agree: the accompanying trainee induction training from Unternehmerschaft Niederrhein was great! "I gained a lot from the teamwork," says Adelisa Sabovic (18), who has been completing her three-year training as an industrial clerk at Lackwerke Peters on Hooghe Weg in Kempen for a few weeks now.

"We were informed about our rights and obligations as apprentices during the training, which was very instructive," says Philippe Heghmanns (31), who is also an apprentice in the industrial clerk division. For Malik Kurz (25), who started his training as a chemical production specialist at Peters, the three-day seminar organized by the Unternehmerschaft Niederrhein (Lower Rhine Entrepreneurs' Association) was all about etiquette and patterns of behavior when talking to employees and superiors. Together with almost 50 other trainees from small and medium-sized companies in the Lower Rhine region, the Peters trio had three eventful days of training in Kleve. The Peters trainees also got off to a perfect start in Kempen, where the Peters headquarters are located in the "Am Selder" industrial estate.

Adelisa Sabovic made a conscious decision to do an apprenticeship after completing her vocational baccalaureate in the subject combination of administration and business at the vocational college. Adelisa is currently working in work preparation. "The aim of the apprenticeship is for the trainees to gain an insight into all areas of our company and learn a lot. In the case of industrial clerk, this includes purchasing and sales, dispatch, laboratory, international customer service, financial accounting and head office," reports training officer Birgit Schuffelen. Philippe Heghmanns had already gained extensive experience after graduating from vocational college before deciding to train at Peters. "I studied, worked in construction and most recently worked in a similar field," says Heghmanns. He praises the friendly way in which he was received as a person. Malik Kurz can also confirm the friendly reception. "You can always ask questions, everyone is relaxed and courteous," are his first impressions, which coincide with those of the other two trainees. He found his way to Peters through a friend's recommendation. As a chemical production specialist, Malik is initially working in the preparation department. "That's the department where the paints are prepared," he explains. His other stations are filling, dispatch, laboratory and warehouse. After graduating from high school, he gained a wide range of professional experience, just like Philippe, before finally deciding on a future at Peters. "I could well imagine doing a technician's degree after the two-year apprenticeship."